Is Your Vehicle Stuck on the Side of the Road?

Arrange for towing services in Santa Claus, Jasper, IN and surrounding areas

Whether you were involved in a crash or your car simply broke down, you just want to get moving again as quickly as possible. Rely on emergency towing services from a dedicated auto shop. Jaws Collision Center can come to your location and retrieve your vehicle ASAP. We can take your car wherever you need to go or bring it to our auto shop for repairs.

Get in a crash at night? No problem. You can call us for after-hours towing services. Call 812-937-2899 to speak with our auto shop and towing company in Santa Claus, Jasper, IN and surrounding areas.

We can help with any situation

We can help with any situation

Is your car stuck in a ditch or stranded in the middle of traffic? No matter your situation, you can rely on us to collect your car. We can combine skilled auto recovery services with our towing services to get your vehicle out of any difficult situation.

Take the first step toward fixing your car by calling our towing company now.